About the EFC

The USC School of Engineering faculty shares responsibility for participating in the governance of the School and for helping to shape the School of Engineering’s future. The faculty has primary responsibility with respect to academic issues. The faculty of the School is represented through an elected body to help fulfill these responsibilities,

The role of the University of Southern California Faculty Council of the School of Engineering (Engineering Faculty Council – EFC) is to

  1. Advise the dean and faculty on the central academic and institutional issues of the school with such reports, deliberations and nomination as it chooses;
  2. Act jointly with the dean to suggest, and to advise and consult on the appointment of, the chairs and members of all school committees;
  3. Call special meetings of the faculty or conduct faculty polls; and
  4. Advise the dean and faculty by functioning as a planning committee for the School of Engineering.

The EFC also represents the School’s faculty in the Academic Senate. The Senate is the ‘council of councils’ that represents all USC faculty and that works with and advises the Administration on all matters that affect USC faculty.

The EFC has representatives from each degree granting Department in the School. These representatives are full-time regular faculty members whose primary appointment is in the Department they represent.