To: Faculty in School of Engineering
From: By-Laws Committee for Engineering Faculty Council
G. Fleischer, E. Garmire, S. Golomb (CHAIR), M. Gundersen, E. Meiburg

Re: Faculty review of proposed By-Laws
Date: October 20, 1992

Enclosed is a copy of the proposed By-Laws for the School of Engineering Faculty Council. Faculty is requested to vote approval or rejection of these By-Laws by a simple majority vote of those returning ballots.

The primary role of the Faculty Council is to provide the Faculty of the School with representation in various tasks related to administration and planning for the School. The role of the Council is described under Section III.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to read the proposed By-Laws and vote on them. Please return the enclosed ballot to the Faculty Senate Office following the attached instructions.

Background for this has previously been provided. Basically, a process has been underway to develop more efficient representation of the faculty in a body that will have the effect of streamlining the Senate and involving the most active faculty in the process. Martin Levine (President of the Faculty Senate) has particularly been active in initiating this. The process received strong endorsement from the senior administration of the University and developed as follows: 1115/92. Resolution 91/92-11 passed by the Faculty Senate calling for establishment of a “Faculty Council (or Assembly) in each school … in accordance with the will of the faculty, as established by majority vote of the faculty by secret ballot.” Furthermore, “if a school does not establish an elected Faculty Council, the Senators from that school will function as the local Council.” 7/14/92. Dean Silverman, Assoc. Dean Miller, S. Golomb and M. Gundersen meet to discuss formation of By-Laws Committee, and Dean Silverman sends memo to Profs. Fleischer, Golomb, and Gundersen suggesting the following procedure: That the drafting committee consist of five members with three selected as the three faculty who obtained the largest number of votes (not necessarily those who agreed to serve) in the election, and the additional two selected independently by the current Faculty Senators. 7/21/92. Nine Faculty Senators from Engineering meet to elect a drafting committee, following a procedure similar to that suggested by the Dean, although somewhat modified. The present Committee was selected. 9/30/92. The Committee met to prepare a draft set of By-Laws. Following this, Dean Silverman reviewed and in collaboration with the Committee approved the proposed By-Laws