Standing Subcommittees

Composition of the 2007-2008 Dean-EFC Standing Subcommittees

  • Academic Programs – The committee will consider ideas to improve the quality of students in the graduate degree programs.
    T. Hsiai, B. Krishnamachari (chair), F. Mansfeld, Dean O’Brien or Dean Raghavendra
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention – The committee will make recommendations on hiring procedures.
    G. Caire, E. Johnson, M. Trifunac, P. Vashishta (chair), Dean O’Brien
  • Research – The committee will consider best practices in measuring and incentivizing research productivity
    F. Egolfopoulos, H. Hashemi, E. Jonckheere, S. Ross (chair), C. Sioutas, Dean Mataric or Dean O’Brien
  • Distance and Technology Enhanced Education – The committee will consider faculty incentives for DEN teaching
    S. Gupta, P. Ioannou (chair), new CSCI member, Kelly Goulis or Dean O’Brien
  • Best Practices – The committee will consider best practices on promotion of faculty to both the associate and full professor levels, as well as issues relating to non-tenure-track faculty.
    C. Campbell, L. Golubchik, M. Gendersen (chair), E. Maby, N. Medvidovic, Dean O’Brien or Dean Rock
  • Merit Review
    T. Hsiai, M. Safanov, M. Trifunac
  • Representative to the VSoE Academic Integrity Task Force
    C. Shahbi (to join the ongoing group)