2013-2014 Engineering Faculty Council

On September  18, 2013, the Engineering Faculty Council held its first full-quorum meeting of the school academic year 2013-14 and elected the following new officers:

Chair: Joseph Kunc
Vice-Chair: Paul Rosenbloom
Secretary: Edmond Jonckheere
Senate Alternate: Michael Safonov
Senate Altnerate: Firdaus Udwadia
The Academic Senate has updated its website to list the EFC Chair, Vice-Chair, and alternates as members of the Academic Senate. The complete roster of the 2013-2014 EFC members is as follows:
Berger, Theodore BME
Breuer, Melvin EE-S
Chen, Shuo-Wei EE-P
Horowitz, Ellis CSCI
Ioannou, Petros EE-S
Jonckheere, Edmond EE-S
Kunc, Joseph ASTE
Lee, Vincent CEE
Mitra, Ubli EE-S
Prata, Aluzio EE-P
Rahimi, Mansour ISE
Ronney, Paul AME
Rosenbloom, Paul CSCI
Silvester, John EE-S
Trifunac, Misha CEE
Udwadia, Firdaus AME
Wang, Pin CHEMS