April 26, 1999 Previous Election Results


To:      Faculty, School of Engineering
From:    M.G. Safonov, for Engineering Faculty Council
Date:    April 26, 1999
Subject: Engineering Faculty Council Election Results

Ballots for the election of new council members were  distributed to 121 full-time engineering faculty.

Returned ballots were tallied on 4/21/99 by disinterested  parties, M. Pirbazari and Edmond Jonckheere neither  of whom was a candidate.  To ensure ballot secrecy  as required by the Council Bylaws and the Senate  Constitution, the following procedure was employed:

1. Outer envelopes were sorted by department and  the voter name on each was checked against the eligible voter list to ensure that no one voted twice.

2. These envelopes were then opened and the sealed inner “ballot” envelopes for each department were randomly shuffled.

3. Finally, the shuffled envelopes were opened and the votes tallied by department.

The results of the tally are summarized below.  There will be a runoff election 5/19/99 in AME between Kunc and Redekopp; runoff ballots will be sent to eligible AME faculty this week.

Department  Elig Voter Percent Voting Candidate Name Elected Vote Count
AME     Kunc tie 10
      Write-In: Redekopp tie 10
AME Total  25 80%     20
CE      Synolakis  X 8
      Write-In: Yortos   1
      Write-In: G. Martin   1
CE Total 21 48%     10
CHE/PTE     Tsotsis X 3
      Write-In: Yortos   1
      Write-In: Ershagi   1
CHE/PTE Total 7 71%     10
CSCI     Mataric X 7
      Nevatia   4
CSCI Total 18 61%     11
(2 Open Slots)
    Prata X 5
      Write-In: Kuehl   1
      Write-In: Baker   1
      Write-In: Levy   1
EEP Total 14 36%     8
EES (2 open slots)     Kuo X 15
      Kosko X 8
      Write-In:Pedram   1
      Write-In: Golomb   1
      Write-In: Kumar   1
      Write-In: Jonckhere   1
EES Total 36 47%     28
GRAND TOTALS 121 69%     83


The elected council membership for the calendar year beginning 7/1/99 is as follows:

Dept Name Term Comments
AME Gruntman 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
  Udwadia 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
  vacant slot 7/1/99–6/30/01  
BME Marmarelis 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
CHE/PTE Tsotsis 7/1/99–6/30/01 re-elected
CE/ENE Pirbazari 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
  Synolakis 7/1/99–6/30/01 re-elected
CSCI Mataric 7/1/99–6/30/01 re-elected
  Rosenbloom 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
EE-P Prata 7/1/99–6/30/01 new
  vacant slot 7/1/99–6/30/01  
EE-S Kosko 7/1/99–6/30/00 re-elected
  Kuo 7/1/99–6/30/00 new
  Safonov 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
  Papavassilopoulos 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
ISE Khoshnevis 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing
MASC Nutt 7/1/98–6/30/00 continuing