August 29, 2003 Previous Election Results

TO: School of Engineering Faculty Council — EFC Past Chairs

FROM: Jim Moore, Prof, CE/SPPD

DATE: August 29, 2003

SUBJECT: Draft minutes of the May 2003 EFC meeting, election of Elaine Chew

Edmond Jonckheere has kindly provided a draft copy of his minutes from the EFC meeting of May 7. I have made some minor changes. These modified minutes appear below. Please identify any further changes you would like to see made.

I acted on the Council’s affirmative vote to hold a special election in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Assistant Professor Elaine Chew was unanimously elected today to complete the term begun last year by Professor Stan Settles. Welcome Elaine.

I have known Elaine a couple of years now, and find her a forthright and thoughtful colleague. I am confident she will make a substantive contribution to the Council’s activities, and I think we are fortunate to have her attention.

We meet Wednesday, September 3 in one of the Upstairs Commons Dining rooms.

Jim Moore